Friday, September 9, 2011

fuji flim!

just wanted to share one of my birthday gifts i got from my sweet hubby!

Meet Mr.Fuji=)

not only does it look cool, it also takes amazing photos!

it was the perfect gift for europe!

so,what are your plans for the weekend?
Happy friday everyone=)


  1. Wow! Is this a digital DSLR that looks like a old fashioned film camera?

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  3. I wanna see your Romania pictures!!!!

  4. Hi dear,
    What a good buy! I really like your blog and im gonna follow you! =D IF you want you can take a look to my profile

    loves, Zeynep

  5. Looks so beautiful your new camera :)

    Kisses from Portugal,

  6. The camera looks elegant and beautiful. I haven't heard or seen this brand in years. I can't wait to see pictures from it. :D Have fun on your trip!


  7. Enjoy the new cam! So I heard of your blog from Denise of All Things New. Wondering if you might be interested in being added to a list of Christian Fashion Bloggers on my site? Email me at if you are interested! <3